Top 10 Fun Family Games to Play at Home

Top 10 Fun Family Games to Play at Home

No Boards Required for a Night of Fun!

Have a game night coming up and you’re not exactly sure what to organize for your loved ones? We’re here to help! Whether you have a routine family night every Friday or want to boost everyone’s spirits while you’re stuck at your home during the quarantine, you’re probably going to need a couple of new ideas, and perhaps even some old classics to change it up and keep your loved ones from getting bored out of their minds. Because of that, we’ve composed a list of some awesome games or flower game to give you and your family a fun night together – without using any boards at all!

This blog article contains a handy list of the most fun family-friendly activities for your following game night, without having to need a board or flowers or a lot of material at all! Whether you’re all grownups in your home, have a toddler or two, or prefer to keep your teens from becoming too glued on their phones, we’ve rounded up the top 10 games that you can use to kill time while having fun and bonding with your loved ones. Complete with quick directions for each game, we’re sure you’ll relish your time locked down together as a family with these fun board-free activities!

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Fun, Board-Free Games for the Entire Family

Having a hard time thinking about brand-new ways to keep yourself and your family occupied while you’re locked down in your home? You can always use these good ol’ games for an exciting night! From the timeless Pictionary game to the ever more popular Exploding Kittens, we’re sure you and your kids will be able to keep yourselves entertained throughout the quarantine.


This game, extremely popular for its simplicity and easy to follow rules, is perfect for get-togethers and entertaining your loved ones, regardless of what age. For kids who enjoy math and science, this could help expose them to the physics principles involved in towering blocks and sharpen their mental capabilities even while they’re out of school.


Famous for its fast-paced strategic play, and how it can effectively ruin friendships, UNO is among the most well-loved group games for family gatherings and friends’ parties alike. With its pretty straightforward rules – laying down the same number or color as the card in the middle – it’s obvious why it’s a crowd favorite among players of all ages.


Another classic game enjoyed in all sorts of gatherings and even featured as activities for stars when they guest on radio programs and TV hostings, Pictionary has been proven and tested as a very good activity to break the ice and keep the party going.

It’s pretty simple, too – you pick what you’re going to draw, sketch it on the board or paper, and keep going until your teammates or everyone else guesses correctly. You won’t even have to buy the brand product either. You can just write some choices and place them in a jar or container, which is great if you want to tailor them for the group that’s playing.

Exploding Kittens

Specialized card games like UNO have dramatically become popular in the past years, and Exploding Kittens is one of the more recent, explosive (pun intended!) games that have made its way to popular culture.

The aim of the game is simple: each player takes turns drawing cards from the deck, hoping not to get the exploding kitten that kicks you out of the game. There are, of course, other ways you can “defuse” the explosion or sabotage the player after you, which means you’ll need to learn to strategize and play more smartly for more fun and exciting gameplay.


If you and your family have been skipping out on exercise the past few days (or weeks, let’s be honest), then Twister is a terrific way to get those muscles moving! Spread out the sheet with lines of differently-colored circles, spin the wheel to determine the color and body part you’re going to set down on the sheet and try not to get your limbs twisted in a knot.

Minute to Win it

Yes, we know this is officially a game show, but no, this doesn’t have to be a whole shebang. We’ve got some good examples from The Chaos and The Clutter, and you won’t even need to get a whole lot of materials or even need to buy anything at all.

You’ve got Face the Cookie, where you set a biscuit on your forehead and try to get it in your mouth without using your hands; Suck It Up, where you use a straw to move candies from one plate to another; Ping Pong Bounce, which basically means you bounce ping pong balls on a table until it shoots into a cup; or even flower game and among many others.


Card Games

If you’ve been at any decent social gathering or reunion party, then you know that with only a deck of cards, you can play a whole assortment of games, good for adults, teens, and kids alike.

If you have younger children and want to allow them to enhance their math and analytical abilities, you could opt for some classics like Go Fish, Slapjack, Bridge, War, or Bluff (also known as I Doubt It). If you have older teenagers or are living with adults in your home, you could teach them some basic poker, blackjack, and other more elaborate card games – without cash involved, of course.

Games That Don’t Need Any Materials

Even if you don’t have a bunch of spare materials in the house, or don’t have any Jenga blocks or UNO cards, don’t worry, we’ve got just the games for you. Have some fun with these old classics with your loved ones – you’ll get to keep your brain occupied and have some friendly competition with your loved ones!


An all-time classic, charades is simple and straightforward, which is why it’s practically the default game for parties and mixers. You pick out from a roster of specific people, events, or other things, and act it out until others get the correct answer.

2 Truths & A Lie

This game is one way you can know more about the people in your house, especially if your family normally has a busy schedule and haven’t had the chance to bond for some time. The way this works is everyone thinks of 3 descriptions about themselves, two of which are truths and one of which is a lie, and the others must guess which is which.

20 Questions

Possibly one of the oldest games to date – so old that even your great-grandparents know about it – 20 Questions still is a really good game to fall back on if you wish to keep things interesting without setting up anything or understanding rules for new flower games.

With 20 questions, everyone takes turns thinking of a distinct thing and answers questions from everyone else that can be answered by yes or no. The catch? You have to guess the thing with only 20 questions.